Mind activity feeds on itself until it creates an enormous conplexity of suffering. At the core of all mind activity is a search for self-definition, but the mind searches in all the wrong places...The permanence of your true nature is recognized to be the continuous presence of awareness that was exactly the same when you were five, fifteen, fifty, or ninety years old.

—Gangaji, The Diamond in your Pocket


My approach to therapy is informed by three overarching principles:

• that there is a natural and innate force in us that wants to unfold organically towards greater degrees of wholeness and integration;

• that therapy helps midwife this process by both reconnecting us to this organic unfolding and removing the blocks to that unfolding (one could call this breaking karmic binds);

• that the ultimate goals of therapy are to help reconnect us to our own innate aliveness, to bring that aliveness into the world, and to find a deep compassion for ourselves and others.

Before I became a therapist, I taught meditation for ten years. When I decided to become a psychotherapist, I chose a graduate school that would support my integration of spirituality with psychotherapy. To this end, I attended California Institute of Integral Studies in 1979 and studied Transpersonal therapies such as Psychosynthesis. In the course of things, I learned how to work with mental imagery, guided visualization, and chakra systems.

Soon into my internship, I developed a way of working that focused my clients' attention on sensations in their bodies. In essence, I "stumbled" upon working somatically. Impressed with the results, I began post-graduate work in Focusing with John Welwood. From that point on, I was deeply committed to a holistic mind - body - spiritual framework.

During the 1980’s, I continued my postgraduate education in the arenas of self-psychology with Karen Peoples and addiction / codependency with David Skibbins and Pia Mellody.

In 1988, I completed all requirements by the state of California, took the necessary written and oral exams, and became licensed to practice psychotherapy.

In the early 1990’s, I began my study of Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy. I was originally drawn to Hakomi because I wanted training in the psycho-therapeutic application of touch. I graduated, fulfilling that goal, but in addition, found an elegant and comprehensive method of working that tied together and deepened all that I had previously studied.

I became enthralled by the depth, gentleness, and efficacy of Hakomi. I continued my studies through the Hakomi Institute, assisted in a number of trainings and eventually joined the teaching staff. In 1999, I became certified as a Hakomi Therapist. In 2000, I earned my certification as a Hakomi Teacher and in 2005 I was certified as a Hakomi Trainer.
Since 2008 I have served as a co-director of the Hakomi Institute of California, am a core faculty of the Institute's faculty, and am the lead trainer for our annual Comprehensive Training.

I continue to study advanced applications of the Hakomi Method. I have traineed with Babette Rothschild as well as Pat Ogden, founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, in the areas of trauma resolution. I have also taken trainings in group leadership, attachment, and couples therapy.

To this day, I continue to draw inspiration and guidance from Hakomi. To learn more about Hakomi, check out the Resources section.

The Way I Work

I work holistically, assisting and teaching my clients to listen to their bodies, minds, and souls. My 45+ years of a daily meditation practice deeply influences my work. My approach is gentle, respectful, interactive, experiential, and collaborative.

My services include individual therapy, supervision, and consultation. I lead trainings, run a number of advanced training groups for Hakomi students, and provide group supervison to clinical interns. I work with men and women of all sexual orientations. I do not work with couples, families, or children.

Over my 25+ years of experience, I have worked with a wide variety of issues. I'm most interested in working with people who are prepared to go beyond talk therapy and go deeper More recently, I've enjoyed working with people who are undergoing a spiritual awakening..

Areas of experience include:

spiritual coaching
• personal growth
relationships and intimacy
• self-esteem & compassion
• meditation instruction
• creative inspiration and blocks
• life planning including goals and visions, financial management, etc.
• sexual identity including sorting it out and coming out issues
• trauma & PTSD
• recovery from sexual & physical abuse
• ACA/codependency
• process addictions (sex, love, internet, debting)
• compulsions and obsessions
• anxiety and depression
• procrastination
• chronic illness including HIV and AIDS